Dispenser ScadaJanasi Integrated Remote Management System (Eagle-eye)

Our Janasi package has evolved since it’s debut; from giving simple daily, weekly or monthly sales reports, it is now an enterprise tool that few end clients should be without.

Since the introduction of our online dispenser (online since 2002) there has been a constant demand for complete automation for CNG sites.

As OEM supplier’s we traditionally integrate compressor packages with the dispensers for a comprehensive SCADA. A cohesive solution that would benefit the end client took a while to take shape. We have been processing credit cards on the dispensers in the North American market since the 1990’s.

We are now listening and advising a fragmented industry how to benefit their organizations with data they already posses by processing it simply and intelligently.

Sites are diagnosed with AI algorithms, email and SMS dispatch engineers to sites and machines with prior knowledge of events. Event occurrence and their status is updated automatically.

Complete site financial data with compression loss, to air loss, storage loss summing to total production loss and areas that within expected margins are all flagged for management to view and act upon.

POS is an integral part for enterprises that want to do more than just CNG sales at their sites. The POS databases are further integrated in ERP for purchase and inventory management.

Industrial sites that have either gas lines or tanker supply are accessible for timely tanker dispatch or simply gas line billing without site visits.

CNG industry unlike gasoline industry still remains more of an non consumer mind-set this evolution has been the seed for Eagle-eye our flex solution to varying enterprises that view CNG differently as it heads towards being a homogenous sector.

This will allow any CNG company to also sell multi fuels with ease of integration in their infrastructure and operations.

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