CNG Dispensers


CNG Dispensers Features


*Single, Dual and Quad hose configurations.
*Modbus interface to most popular Mass Flow meters.
*Two and three bank sequencing.
*Accufill filling algorithm wherein the water volume of vehicle tank is calculated and then filled to maximum capacity.
*AGFILL filling algorithm wherein the dispensers only stops once at the target pressure there are no intermediate stops for pressure checking.
*Smart Card, Magnetic card and RFID readers are provided as IS safe circuits. You do not have to make an either or choice, all are operable simultaneously.
*Preset accuracy is plus minus .03 KGs, the most accurate in the industry.
*Three RS485 ports, one of these ports is configurable as either RS232 or Rs485 Full/half duplex, LAN, interface ports for implementing IFSF, Gilbarco and SCADA protocols.
*Two Transducer per hose design which cross check against each.
*IS safe full qwerty keypads for data input, one per hose.
*Alpha numeric displays, one per hose, 6 numeric display in any configuration are possible on one dispenser.
*32 Bit Processor single board design.
*NTEP certification for Weights and Measures.
*CSA certified for Class 1, Division 1, Group D.